Where Does It Hurt - Pain Relief in NJ

Head Pain Relief

This can include conditions such as migraine headaches, TMJ and tension headaches. Click here


Neck Pain Relief

This can include conditions such as whiplash, sprain strain. Click here


Arm / Hand Pain Relief

This can include conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, bulging disc, radial nerve entrapment, ulnar nerve entrapment, shoulder pain, Tendonitis/Bursitis/Arthritis. Click here


Mid Back Pain Relief

The middle back is inherently strong and also stable. But it is possible that a nerve gets pinched between the shoulders and this can result in radiating pain or feeling numb in your fingers. This may be caused by a disc herniation and you would need to consult a qualified physician. Click here


Lower Back Pain Relief

Low back pain is a common health problem affecting at some time more than 80% of the population - making it second in prevalence only to the common cold. Click here

Leg / Foot Pain Relief

Leg pain is often the result of from a pinched nervein the lower back, nerve entrapment or neuropithies to name a few. Many people seek medical care only to find they have not received the relief they're looking for. Turning to Cornerstone Chiropractic for assistance will enable you to receive safe and natural care. Click here


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