Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

There are a more than a few things a mother-to-be cannot avoid during pregnancy. There’s morning sickness, of course, as well as inexplicable food cravings and mood swings. Perhaps the most inevitable side effect is pregnancy back pain. There’s no getting around it: carrying around a growing baby inside your stomach will put a strain on your back and make it hurt!

Visiting a chiropractor in pregnancy is a popular solution for those seeking to alleviate pregnancy back pain, but the benefits of chiropractors before and during pregnancy go well beyond making your back feel better. Indeed, seeing a chiropractor in pregnancy can minimize some of the other pains an expectant mother will experience, while making the entire process a little smoother. Here are some examples of how having a chiropractor in pregnancy can help the future Mom:

—Visiting a chiropractor can help maintain alignment and pelvic balance in a pregnant woman. Back pain can not only be indicative of other issues, such as an increased back curve and the postural and pelvic changes that happen because of pregnancy, but may also reduce the room in which the baby can grow (i.e. “intrauterine constraint”). That, in turn, can make it tougher for the fetus to get into a good position for delivery, which could lead to a difficult labor for the mother and possibly even a C-section. Regular chiropractic visits can reduce these risks and make for a shorter labor and delivery—something every woman wants!

—Speaking of labor and delivery: even if the expectant mother doesn’t visit the chiropractor during the first several months of pregnancy, The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reported in 2002 that the “Webster Treatment”—which re-establishes balance in the pelvis and cuts down on the stress in the uterus and surrounding ligaments—reverses a breech presentation 82 percent of the time. Most breech presentations aren’t revealed until the eighth month, so visiting a chiropractor in pregnancy, even at that late stage, can still yield positive results for a woman and her unborn child.

—Regularly seeing a chiropractor in pregnancy can also cut down on the amount of morning sickness a woman endures. That might sound a bit odd, but a misaligned spine has a butterfly effect-like impact on the rest of the body and trickles all the way down to making one’s stomach queasy. Morning sickness is no fun at all, but a chiropractic visit can drastically lessen the effects and duration of this common pregnancy side effect.

—Visiting a chiropractor who specializes in working with pregnant women can also open up an entirely new world of treatments and equipment that will make pregnancy easier for the expectant mother. For instance, chiropractors who regularly treat pregnant women can recommend safe stretches and exercises that will further alleviate any pregnancy back pain. They can also perform techniques that ensure the already-taxed abdomen endures no more pressure than necessary. And lastly, they can offer to the Mom-to-be luxury items such as a pregnancy pillow that will allow her to align her spine at home.



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