Active Release Technique Uses & Benefits

Active Release Technique in New Jersey - Sports Injury

The Uses for Active Release Techniques

Active Release Technique therapy, also known as ART, is a medically-patented system designed to help athletes – as well as more casual exercisers – with muscle, ligament, tendon and nerve pain. ART was invented by a medical professional who works with sports-related injuries, but it has proven successful as a nerve entrapment treatment as well.  So how can ART help?

  • Sports Injury Treatment: New Jersey licensed medical professionals who have been trained in Active Release Techniques can help those with acute injuries loosen up “locked” muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Athletes often accumulate scar tissue in the same areas, because specific muscle groups are used repeatedly for certain sports. ART can improve muscle quality by working through the scar tissue to eliminate pain and stress.
  • Nerve Entrapment Treatment:  When too much scar tissue is present in ne part of the body, the nerves surrounding that area can become trapped underneath.  This leads to chronic pain and decreased mobility. Active Release Technique therapy helps free those trapped nerves.
  • Acute Injury Treatment: As any chiropractor in NJ can tell you, even non-athletes can build up scar tissue from repetitive motions during daily exercise. Active Release Technique therapy also helps those patients whose ligaments and tendons are being strained in less severe ways.


The Benefits of Active Release Technique

  • Less pain: ART has been used to help relieve pain all over the body – including headaches.
  • More mobility: Sports injury treatment by New Jersey doctors licensed in ART can help increase an athlete’s mobility on and off the field.
  • Healthier muscles: Active Release Technique allows muscles damaged by repetitive strains to heal by giving them more room to stretch within your body.
  • Nerve strength: Damaged nerves can lead to a bevy of health problems – some of which are quite severe. ART works as a nerve entrapment treatment which prevents serious problems later.


Sports injury treatment in New Jersey is right at your fingertips. Providing chiropractic care to those seeking nerve entrapment treatments in NJ is just one of the services offered at Cornerstone Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. Contact us now to learn about all of our chiropractic services as well as to find out how you can get your FREE ART consultation with Dr. Joseph Young. Call today at (973) 831-1100 or email us at!


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